Ilona Henry

The Post Office

Ilona Henry's adventure at the post office.

These are the words of evangelist Ilona Henry Afamefuna, detailing his missions work in Africa (Ivory Coast) as of November 16, 2004.

Dearly Beloved In Christ Jesus.

Warmest greetings from calvary in Jesus most wonderful name.

Beloved, I would have been a dead man by now, but the Lord, by His infinite mercy, delivered me (it was a terrible experience). I went to the post office this morning to check if there were letters or parcels that were sent to me. As I reached the post office, I saw a crowd of people surrounding the post office. When I got closer, I began to ask what was happening. They said that some armed robbers came to the post office to rob it this morning.

I thought it was a child's joke. I simply went into the post office to open and check my box. After opening and checking my box, as I wanted to come out of the post office, a very stout man just came and was saying, "I heard that some of the robbers are hiding in the post office." Immediately he started pointing at me. Everyone ran out from the post office and locked the gate against me. Trying to come, all I heard was a very big noisy and heavy sound of a bullet. I saw the bullet coming face to face against me. Immediately I shouted, "JESUS." The Lord of Hosts lifted up the bullet above my head and it landed behind me.

I went back and hid myself somewhere and started memorizing Psalm 91:1. After 10 minutes of hiding, I wanted to come out. As I was coming out, behold a policeman was pointing his gun at me. He told me if I move he will shoot. He also told me to lie down flat on my face. I told him not to shoot me, that I am a man of God. As I was lying flat on my face, from no where, someone came out and shouted his name and said, "Kass, Kass, Kass, make sure you don't harm the young man. He is a pastor and a servant of the Most High God. Leave him alone and do not harm him. He is a servant of the Most High God." (The man was speaking to him in the french language.) After fifteen minutes, I was told to begin crawling on my belly. I started crawling on my belly. I crawled for some minutes. When I was at a far distance, he told me to stand up and go.

Every body thought I was dead and will not live again. People came rushing to me, to see if there is any hurt. When they saw that nothing happened to me, they started saying to me in the french dialect, "Your God is a Living God, and He loves you."

Beloved, what would I have said if I died this type of shameful death? It is today that I know that the hand of God is really upon my life and He cares for me more than I can think. Please join me in glorifying the Lord, for He has delivered me from the hands of death and rescued me from the plans of the evil one. He did not allow him to take away the life of His servant.

I will be very happy to hear from you.
God bless you.

Please remember me in your prayers, that God you should meet all my needs.

I will be very happy to hear from you.
God bless you all.

Evangelist.Ilona Henry Afamefuna.
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Ivory Coast.
West Africa
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