Numerical Character Entity Reference

Ever wonder how to make that special character show up on your site. Ever go searching and searching for that one specific entity code but not be able to find it. Well here you go - the codes from 1 through 10879. Keep in mind however that just because you can see it on your computer doesn't mean that everyone else can see it on theirs. Some spots are empty, or have a question mark, or maybe a hollow square box. This means that your browser is unable to display that symbol. Currently, there are even high end computers that won't display all of the symbols. However, I include them for the sake of a full and complete reference.

Now, for those who don't know how to do these codes, it's simple. On the left of each column below is a symbol. On the right is the code that makes the symble. To put the code into your HTML, you need to use the & character, the # character, the code, and the ; character. For example, if I put ¶ into my HTML, I get ¶.