true love - yes or no

Can true love exist?
Good Question.
Well, not for me, it'll never happen.
That's what I thought. I think that finding that one true love in life requires patience, relying not on ourselves, but on God's timing. Keep reading and decide for yourself. Sometimes, it's just simply not the right time for someone to be caught up in such things. Sometimes, we just don't have the time or energy to deal with the emotions involved. And, sometimes, the other person is just simply carrying too much baggage to work through and needs to find out how to dump it.
How do I know?
When there are no doubts, no fears, no shadow of wavering in your mind and heart. When you can look at the relationship responsibly, putting off what you want now until later in order to better the relationship. Love is wanting the highest purpose for someone else. And if you do have doubts, ask questions. But make sure that the other person has integrity.
But I've already been there and it didn't work.
You may need to be honest with yourself about your doubts and not become overpowered by the "idea" of love. Also, I feel we must be honest with ourselves in regards to what may be our own fault... those things about ourselves that we should change in general... those things which are intolerable for the other person. Love is give and take.
But it's so difficult to see it all like that - objectively
Perhaps you may want to talk about it all with someone that you trust, preferably of the same gender. Try to understand the various perspectives of it. And remember, The Foundation Of Love & Marriage Is Friendship.
What is a true friend?
Would you give up your own desires, and your stubbornness? Would you deny yourself what others claim to be your "rights" and forget about the many things that you demand in life, such as how your life will be? Can you forsake money, shelter, comfort? Can you leave behind what is best for you when it interferes with what is best for your friend? Could you give your life for your friend? Would you change what you know to be wrong with yourself in order to be a better friend? Would you be willing to open your mind and consider new ideas, while still putting the Lord God Almighty as top priority, for a friend? If you answer yes to these questions, then your friends are truly blessed to have a friend like you. Go humbly in peace and with God.
OK, so tell me more.
PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE! Don't worry about it all. Go meet people and make good friends. LEARN! As you make friends and continue to grow (we never stop growing), never stop learning. What you learn today will make you more apt to do things tomorrow. DO  NOT  DEMAND! For things that we demand are based upon the understanding of the world. But the world does not know. For much is hidden within the guise of time. Do not fear, but instead trust in the Lord.
No Expectations
Don't expect - Don't assume. Just let it be. Expectations just lead to disappointments and hurt feelings. Expectations are merely demands that we place on others... would you want others to demand of you or would you rather they communicate?
-- But keep in mind... --
Parts of this I'm still trying to figure out. Situation by situation, I learn a little more about what it means to care for someone. I learn how to truly express myself as well as give my wife what she needs. And sometimes, what she needs is for me not to say what traverses through my mind (or perhaps to say nothing at all). Ultimately, I put her ahead of myself. Love is a choice and an action. Also, I too miss things that I should have seen, that I should have looked for. It is always best to stay with the Lord. For surely He knows what is best.

Talking and spending time together is important. Find out who the other person is and for what they stand. It's important to both be honest to each other from the beginning. Though I know not of what the future holds, I continue strongly, with Christ in the middle of it all, guiding my steps. I take it one day at a time, one step at a time, careful to not do what could damage future possibilities. Friendship is very important. Without a strong friendship in place, it's very difficult to obtain, and maintain, a healthy relationship. I have found that communication is key to maintaining friendships. It allows us to clear up any misunderstandings that may exist. It is not about me. It is not about her. It is about us: me, her, and Christ.