Thoughts of 2001

12/05/01 - The unwise think they are wise, though such an assumption is unwise. America is lost without a standard of knowledge, which is not attainable with individual minds. For only the Lord God almighty is able to foresee and understand such a standard.

11/28/01 - Abortion: In Exodus 21:22-23 we see that unborn babies are considered by God to be living human beings. We are told that if a man kills an unborn child that he also should be put to death. Now while the death penalty may not be the right punishment within the current government for this, it clearly does deserve punishment of some kind. And I would have to think along these lines for certain other offenses in the civil laws of the ancient Israelites.

11/19/01 - Like the baby eagle, we are at times pushed out of the nest, forced to attempt to do what is best for us - yet if we stumble on an updraft or use the wrong angle or move too fast, the Lord is there by our side with a gentle hand to steady us.

11/13/01 - When one if full of pride, that person does not listen, though if asked if they do they would surely say, "why of course I listen," and then perhaps continue with, "but first listen to me." The proud see advice as a personal attack against who they are instead of an opportunity to better themselves. For they see themselves as perfect while denying perfection with their lips. They are hypocrites, a two edged sword.

11/10/01 - There comes times in life when it is time to move on. When it becomes evident that our job is done and the Lord opens other doors... when He releases us from that which He had given us to do. As sad as such a turn may be, I must remember the greater good for all involved, even if some don't or cannot understand.

11/09/01 - Do not take by your own hand for it always leads to loss, but rather wait for the Lord's gifts which always lead to life. "For what glory is it if you patiently endure while sinning and being buffeted? But if you suffer while doing good, and patiently endure, this is a grace from God. For you were not called to this? For Christ also suffered on our behalf, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps, He who did no sin, nor was guile found in His mouth, who when He was reviled did not revile in return. When He suffered, He did not threaten, but gave Himself up to Him who judges righteously." (1 Peter 2:20-23 MKJV)

11/07/01 - Tis the season that depression sets in. With shorter days, and memories of close friends and family lost... and the uncertainties of life creeping upon us - I find myself falling back on old bad habits and coping devices. Understanding is needed, a friendly ear ready to be given at a moments notice as we come to realize that others are facing the same things. Yet it is so easy to get sucked into such self-pity that we forget the needs of others and forget that sometimes by meeting the need of another, we also meet our own needs... interesting how God orchestrates such things.

11/06/01 - To break the walls that attempt to condemn me to this shy little man that cowers inside. To be BOLD and able to stand up, stepping into the face of this evil that hold a flag of fear, holding the mighty Weapon in my hand, calling upon the Name that Will See me Through It All! AMEN! For alone, my courage relies on man... Yet with the Lord, my courage lies within His grace and is by His mighty hand.

11/06/01 - I seek the peace of mind - sent by the Lord - to not worry of the trivial desires that plague my mind - to take joy and contentment in the simple pleasures given greatly by the Lord - not in the ways of man, but instead in the holy and trustworthy ways of the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. God provides us also with the "Elim's" of comfort and peace, balancing the bitterness of life, the "Marah's." (Exodus 15:27)

10/10/01 - "The only thing in me stronger than my anger the past few weeks has been my respect for the strength, generosity, and toughness of our people. Any maniac who thinks attacks are gonna weaken us just doesn't know Americans..." - Mallard Fillmore (by Bruce Tinsley). AMEN.

10/08/01 - The more thought I give to it, the more I realize that when the Lord calls us to do something, we will not be happy until we do it. Now granted, sometimes we choose not to do it and the opportunity is lost. But other times in life, I have realized that even when I say no, God's desires end up being the desires of my own heart. Whether it be opening a door for someone, telling someone about Christ, teaching children to read, driving cross-country, giving your life to missions, or something that you thought that you would never do, it is important to obey. And in order to obey we must first be listening, which means knowing God. In order to know someone (including God) we must spend time with someone.

09/30/01 - At least three separate parties engaged in one civil war: faith, desires, and logic... each demanding dominant attention. Daily declaring - are the desires that haunt me... the desires of both flesh and heart. Logic dictates that I must stake a claim and follow the ways of society, the ways of man - for that is what is visible - that is what we've been taught. If it dared the audacity, logic would even attempt to state that God does not exist. Yet, my faith - the Truth - reminds me of the promises, both told and come true. Faith tells me both of what the Lord has done in my life as well as the many things that the Lord will do in my life. As you may have read, the Lord has healed me of an illness that I expected to have for the rest of my life. Before that, after flying out the back of a moving car, I should have been dead on impact, my head on the ground. And now, I can see the pieces coming together in a beautiful symphony of life - lessons of the past serving me today.

09/15/01 - I drive through the city and see the people holding flags, horns rejoicing in the streets, community coming together, remembering that we will not back down. We will NOT sell out to evil. For we are One Nation Under God. We will not be backed into a corner for we know that the Lord of lords is with us. And while some might just think of the annoyance of the honking and yelling... I prefer to know and acknowledge that we do not just live in the "states", but rather the "United States", and that in such, we support and encourage one another as a family should. Let us honor this nation together as one.

09/14/01 - Pride is foolishness. For the proud man does not seek council but instead thinks that he knows/understands everything. And with doing this, downfall comes quickly. Let us not foolishly chase after hasty ideas, but instead look at the greater picture and what is best for the nation and not what is best for individuals.

09/14/01 - In light of the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York city on the 11th, I say this. Let us unite together to overcome, vanquish, obliterate, CONQUER our common foe. Let us come together in prayer: for the families that have lost loved ones, for the stability future and unity of this nation, for those who persecute this nation for what we stand, for speedy recovery, for nations coming together for the greater good, and for hearts being open to the message of Jesus Christ.

09/09/01 - Sometimes the most we can do for a friend is pray... for sometimes if we say too much too often, we push... and the friend runs away.

09/08/01 - Some people prefer to attempt to redefine reality rather than accept what really is. These attempts are in foolishness, for reality stays the same unless we truly change it... and sometimes in order to change reality, we must first change ourselves. "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that he also will reap." (Galatians 6:7 MKJV)