redundant wildlife

A lonely face, a rose in a tall vase. He honestly thought that it would have all worked out. Now, he just sits at the table, by himself, no one to talk to except the cat, his fish, and a dwarf hamster.

He gets up, walks to the window, looks out and down at the street. Pulling his head back in, he goes to the table, takes the rose, goes back to the window, and throws out the rose, watching it fall to the ground. He shakes his head a couple of times.

Heading towards the kitchen, he grabs the wine off the table. He slowly pours it down the sink, watching it leave its pinkish remnants on the sink. Setting down the bottle, he goes to the couch, sits down, grabs the TV remote, and flips through the channels, stopping on a documentary on wild animals. He notices a picture across the room and stares at it for a couple minutes. Still focused on the picture, listening to the events of the wild, he takes one of his slippers and throws it, pegging the picture and knocking it to the floor. He lies down, still watching the documentary.

"While stalking its prey, the cheetah keeps its distance, relying on making a heated chase as soon as it sees its opportunity," comes the commentator's voice. "If only that would have worked for me," says the man on the couch. He looks at the clock and picks up the phone. After dialing and waiting a bit, he says, "It turns out that I'll be able to make it tonight after all. After what just happened, watching the game with you guys sounds great." He waits and responds, "OK, I'll be over in a few." He hangs up, gets up, turns off the TV, grabs his wallet and keys off his desk, grabs his coat, turns off the light, and leaves.