Loops Upon Loops

Loops upon loops of circling life
Confusion claiming my mind, my sight
Comes quick and harsh the evening light
Take from me this pain this night
Torment that rests is at its height

Such games and goofing, teasing and torment
Though good-humored galantry and fabled necessity
Passions pervade through the veils of past pains
Shadowing and hiding the truth that fains
Covering the mind, the heart, the strength

Errantly ambling and clammering for a hold
Courageously guessing the next needed move
Courting the concept of one true love
Hope skims the waters of reality untold
Daring to trust in yet another day

Does one dare to leave the blankets behind
To leave all alone the anguish and fear
Can they escape the locks of the human mind
To find something different over the line
Yet to still be happy after such a time

Facing the facts of females and frets
Torments of life festering in unrest
One more day and another failed attempt
To advance in this life and fix the folds
To find peace again in this untold mold

(©Brian Smith 3/4/05)