Lucky yutz

"Hey Andrea, where's Jeanette?"

"Last I saw her was about two. Hey, you don't look too good. Calm down. I'll get some coffee. Sit down. So, what's wrong?"

"I tell ya, she's always gone, not home, non-existent. I've even given some mild thought as to getting a bloodhound, but I don't have any money," he laughs. "What good is a friend that's never around?"

"Well, you know she's busy. She's carrying a full eighteen credits. She has swimming practice four times a week, and Phil-"

"Phil!? WHO'S PHIL?"

"Chill. He's supposedly 'just a friend', just like you, though they've been doing quite a bit together. They would make a cute couple. You know Jeanette. She's always been a bit flighty."


"Do you disagree with me?"

He looks at her in irritation. He rises slowly from his seat and leans against the sink. There's silence until each has coffee in hand.

"Look," arises the voice of Andrea, "you should be happy for her. You really shouldn't get so attached to anyone. It's dangerous. Let's go for a walk."


They set down the coffee mugs. Andrea has a look of empathy about her, while John just seems a bit too high strung. Approximately half an hour of walking in silence passes. John finally speaks up, "I'm not looking for anything serious, just a friend... someone to just simply spend time with."

Andrea smiles and turns her head half way, looking at him with only her right eye. The silence stagnates the air. I don't know if they're dumbfounded or what! Surely, she must care enough to process what he just said and formulate a response to it! Oh, I wish she would say something.

"John, have you talked to her about this?"

"Yeah, but she doesn't have any time, and I need a friend that I can hang out with."

"You know, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Let's go get some ice cream, my treat."

He's just smiling. He sure is one lucky yutz. If only I were so lucky...