Godly husbands

Would you... Keep God as top priority in your life?

Trust God to provide for your needs?

Have a faith that would pull you through hardships?

Be humble enough to admit when you are wrong?

Have strong character and convictions?

Be able to control your anger?

Be strong enough to proclaim the good news even when taunted?

Put your wife second only to God?

Seek to spend time with your wife because of who she is?

Truly listen to your wife and value her input?

Be supportive of your wife's decisions even when you disagree?

Cherish your wife?

Accept your wife as she is?

Seek your wife's happiness?

Show your wife in small ways just how much you love her?

Help your wife grow and learn?

Seek to learn and expand yourself?

Raise your family in the ways of God?

Spend time with your children, investing in their lives?