black, white & greys

Slowly, she walks into the park, red hat, summer dress, small bag in hand. There are benches by the water. She sits down, opens the bag, pulls out the same kind of sandwich that she always eats. She looks in the bag, reaches in, takes out a small black and white picture. Its of her and a little boy standing by a slide. She puts it back in the bag. Taking a bite of her sandwich, she gazes wistfully at the water and then down at the ground. She shakes her head and looks back at the water. She notices a teenage boy in a boat in the middle of the pond. Silently, a tear glides down her face. She sets her sandwich on her bag and puts her head in her hands, elbows on her knees, still looking at the water.

She takes the small black and white picture out of the bag, stands up, walks over to the pond, and drops the picture. Gently, it flutters down to the water, landing face up. She sits back down on the bench, eats her sandwich, and watches the picture float away with the wind.