audio encounters

Doug was about 20 and quite the avid traveler of the States. Along the lonesome roadways, he would retain his sanity with the radio waves --There should be someone on channel 17.-- He changed the channel to 17 and listened, hearing no one. He pressed the button on the microphone and talked, "This is Outlandish Cheetah. Anybody plugged in?" He waited for just under a minute.

"Outlandish Cheetah, this is Winsome Rose. I'm just south of Winslow a couple of miles, headed toward I-40. Where are you?"
"I'm on East I-40, about five miles out of Winslow."

"So, where ya headed," came the tender voice of Winsome Rose.

"Holbrook," responded Doug, disappointedly.

"Well, why would you be going there? Nobody nor nothin in that little town."

"I have an uncle who lives in Holbrook. I'm staying there until I can get a place of my own."

"So, where are you from, Outlandish Cheetah?"

"I'm from up north. I attend college in Washington. I really miss the trees and the rain up there."

"I grew up on the Oregon coast myself. After high school, Arizona seemed to be the place I wanted to be. It still is."

"Winsome Rose, I'm stopping at the rest stop. I'll keep my CB on. I would like to actually meet you. By the way, where are you headed?"

"Holbrook," came the innocence of Winsome Rose.

"Why would you be going there. Nobody nor nothin in that little town," teased Doug.

"I'll meet you at the rest stop. Ten Seven."

--Ten Seven, Great. Well, that's one way to not have to talk about something, just turn it off. Suppose I'll just wait.--

* * * *

--Looks like a 4x4. The power that thing must have. Twin K-40 antennas also. I wonder if that's Winsome Rose. Whoever she is, she's pretty. She's coming over here.-- "Winsome Rose?"

"Why yes, I am," she said with a smile, dressed in an attractive summer dress. "I was planning on having a few friends over tonight to watch a couple of movies and was wondering if you might want to come join us for Mexican food and movies."


"Some of the hottest around," she said, increasing her smile.

"Sounds great. Do you live in Holbrook?"

"Yeah," says Winsome Rose, handing him a piece of paper, "here is my address and phone number, and my real name is Kristine."

"I'm Doug. I know where this place is. About what time should I be there," asks Doug, searching Kristine's eyes.

"Can you be there sometime between five thirty and six," she questions, moving her hands to her waist. Taking Doug's hand, she heads towards a pathway, looking at the scenery and flowers. Conversation never falls. They keep walking.