Where next oh Lord?
Where will you lead me?
Oh Lord, how do I get there?
When do I leave?

Are the people nice?
Is it safe?
Is the water clean?
Do I need some mace?

What do the people need?
Why am I going?
What is there to do
For a simple man like me?

Lord, I'm scared
Of what is to come.
I need your touch
To make it through each day.

I only imagine
The blessings you hold for me
And the time and place to come
In which I may see them.

Here in school,
I learn your ways,
But I want much more
More than just a chair.

I want to go to the nations,
To help lead the lost,
Serve the needy,
To lead them to you.

Lord take me now,
Just as I am.
And lead me to the cross
At your feet I lay.

Mold me, shape me
Use me every day.
And until then, my Lord,
Keep me safe in many ways.


(©Brian David Smith 2/10/1999)