Living for Home

Confusion mounts
Temptations terrorizing
But love prevails
Through Divine Majesty

Hearts healing
Lips speaking
Minds seeking
Answers long lost

The path is dim
But the Light bright
The Way clearly marked
Though the path rough

We ascend the mountain
Rather than the hill
We strive for greatness
Of His wondrous ways

Patience tormented
In boiling emotions
Logic demanding
Yet Peace prevails

Two hearts
Seeking One
Seeking Peace
Seeking Truth
For Love is found
In His humility

For the Lord is watching
He's planning steps
Building futures
Orchestrating life
Leading His children
To happiness complete

So I give up my life
To live for His throne
To do it His way
To live for His day
To live that He may
One day call me home.

(©Brian David Smith 6/15/02)