To A Dear Friend

Times of trouble
Come and go
Friendships fade
And friendships grow
Life looms high
Shadows grow long

Longing for lost
Crying of despair
In lakes of lonely
Friends draw near
With calming comfort
And listening ears

Friends who care
Calling, 'Hold On'
Friends who care
With prayers of love
Friends wanting
To be reunited

The 'group' has grown
But one piece is missed
Of history and times
Of laughter and tears
We remember our love
For a friend so dear

Remember 'Hold On!'
Do not let go
you will always have friends
Who truly wish so

Missed is your smile
And your joyous heart
Your bright eyes
And cheerful glee

For you we wait
Until you come home
To friends who love you
And miss you too much
Hold on one more day
And in God place much trust

(©Brian David Smith 3/29/2002)