Alone On Life's Beach

He sinks on the beach
Water held beside him
Waves grasping shells
While gulls grab grub
People come and go
No way to say no
For the breakers call come
Seduction to some
Small dogs chasing balls
Small kids chasing dogs
Birds soaring above
Escaping to majesty
For His hands them created
And His love for them cares
Granting peace and vacation
From the trials they face
Landscapes of greenery
And fields of sand
Such a precious relent
From a hostile land

I'm reminded this day
To seek peace in their lives
The lives of so many
That have been given to me
They stand at the crossroads
To choose life or death
To lay in self-misery
Or march boldly in life.

She sits alone
By idle promises, she waits
Waiting for redemption, waiting with haste
But the Redeemer she rejects, as she refuses to trust
Lusting for salvation from a drab and dreary land
She waits and waits, for she waits alone

Another shies from freedom
Held in her hole of fear
Waiting for the Kingdom
And friends to draw near
Yet she recoils from life
Trembling from fright
Where next will they hit
For disappointment she's met
Never taught ways of life
With friends a plenty never been
Her friends come close
And she falls away

To draw them to the beach
To relax and rejoice
To draw them to peace
To sink back in the sand
To take them from life's
Ever present demands
To let them lay
In the Father's hands

What storms come next
'Long the paths of life
How shall we Overcome
Such defeatist man
But the end is near
And Victory at hand
And He gives us the keys
To come before Him - and enter

(©Brian David Smith 9/1/2001)