Waiting For Abstract

Alone in an airport
2 and a half hours
Blindly spent waiting
Waiting for completion
Completion of a journey
A journey of discovery
Discovery of friendship
Friendship of love
Love my best friend
Friend who likes me
For who I am
A strange man
A man of honesty
Honesty of convictions
Convictions of Christ
Called to serve Him
Called to serve them
To serve the outcast
Outcast of society
Media forming the mold
The mold of conformity
Conformity to sin
But the outcasts rebel
They cannot conform
They are different defined
They are abstract obtained
They are misunderstood
Nobody wants them
But their outcast friends
So listen to the outcast
She may become your best friend
And do not be afraid
For the outcast you meet
May tomorrow be there
When you also
Are an outcast freak

(©Brian David Smith 9/10/2000)