Traversing Love

Journeys I take
From west to mid
Ideas to discuss
And thoughts to ponder

Love on the line
Sweet smell in the room
Held so close
Held so dear

Lessons we learn
We change ourselves
To serve our Maker
To serve mankind

To serve each other
We serve with time
To serve each other
We serve with mind

We set our priorities
And set our privilege
We eat and speak together
And explore and find

We share our lives
Our past and present
We compliment the other
As red to blue

Honestly and open
We share our faults
Lovingly correcting
With easy grace and care

She speaks of freedom
Through careful discovery
And holds my hand
In gentle affirmation

Again I will hold her
If the Lord agrees with me
That best friends be together
And Tanya be with me

(©Brian David Smith 9/10/2000)