Press On

The world surrounds us

The difficult complain
The illogical dumfounded
Kindness is suspect
Success hated and envied
Honesty is betrayed
Efforts crumble before you
Goodness often forgotten
Servants are hung to die

Too much info
Too many directions
No where to turn
Press on

Whining adults
Without good reason
Always on the negative
Keep going

They make no sense
Their logic is flawed
They do not listen
Talk to them

Kindness returns hate
Mistrust creeps in
The walls are built
Return with kindness

Successful are mistrusted
Assumed to be thieves
Hung before they say hello
Strive to succeed

An honest man admits
And is labeled a fool
Called an idiot
Tell the Truth

One builds goodness
Which is crushed to the ground
By those who do not understand
Build again

One gives so much
But the gift, rejected
The giver denounced
Give what is left

Jesus came to lead
Fed the hungry
Healed the sick
And hung on a cross to die

(©Brian David Smith 8/24/2000)