Thank You Lord

O Lord, you have given me
So much more than my desires
Beyond my dreams forgotten
So much more than I deserve

My life you've saved
From certain death avoided
Your divine healing touch
Has healed my breaks and pains

Through times of trouble
And times of death
Times of depression
You were there

Through times of anger
And not understanding
Times of straying
You were there

My ills You have conquered
My enemies defeated
Your name I call upon
And the shadows flee from light

Friendship and devotion
You have laid before me
Promises of hope
You have given

A strong friend
Stands by me
And understands me
We share our lives with You

I come to You
My Lord and King
Bowing at Your throne
Bowing in awe of You

What love You have
To care for me
To want what's best
The best I don't deserve

I will follow Your ways
My Lord and my King
I will trust in your grace
The rest of my days

(©Brian David Smith 8/20/2000)