Time of Turmoil-Time of Grace

Such a time of turmoil
Such a time of grace
Stretched among ideas
Of where and what to do

Left to my own means
To fend for myself
Left with little hope
But a small quiet voice

Ideas and plans
Unfolding before me
Yet nothing certain
Nothing convincing

Answered prayers
Knocking at my door
"Don't open yet,"
They cry

She speaks her tale
Of similiar means
Of similiar past
Of similiar beliefs

She's been told to stay
So should I move
Is it His Will
That I remain on this hill

Lord, come to me this day
And show me what to say
Tell me where to go
Or give me peace to stay

Do not leave me tormented
In this hell within myself
Of my desire raging
The flames too close

Lord, lay my path before me
Make straight and narrow my way
I want to see your way in me
Yea, give me comfort still

(©Brian David Smith 8/6/2000)