Do You Care That I Care

Where is understanding
The peace in times of trouble
Where do I go for comfort
Where shall I stand to be safe

Waves of anger surging
To the wall

The relief of life is lacking
The pressures mounting within
Turmoil of testing tangled
Tortures of today unfurled

No one to hear me
To call of my senses
To claim of my side
To vouch for my name

All have left me
There is no one here but us
Two turmoiled tenants
Inside this cave below

Why do you stay
Why don't you run
Flee to your light
Your friends held tight

For I need no understanding
While in this cave of seclusion
I can say what I want
To whomever I see

Do you care I care for you
Do you know I think of you
Do you wish to be with me
As I wish to be with you

There is much within my mind
Much to muddle through
Acres upon acres
Of things that I must do

Of ideas to be pondered
Possibilities unfold
Within the complexities
Of my little world

Where shall I turn
If not to you
Where shall I run
If not to your arms

The physical shall pass away
But we shall both remain
Held with each other
In His warm embrace

(©Brian David Smith 4/24/2000)