Colored Animals

Two new births
On a rainy spring day
One black, one white
Of a new mother doe

Mother blinded
To the color of her kid
Paying attention only
To the scent of her babes

She does not care
That one is different
And a little slow
Such a precious kid

A sight for us
To take to heart
To remember wise
To see and learn

To raise our young
Regardless of color
To be better than goats
Better than the animals

To feed and nourish
Of what they give to us
Or any personal gain

But merely for the joy
Joy of improving lives
Of feeding the hungry
And leading the lost

To hold a child
And say "we love you"
To speak to a teen
And say "we are listening"

Where will they go
If not to us
What will they seek
If not sound ways

Let us hold them high
And teach them well
So that the love we share
One day comes back our way

(©Brian David Smith 3/15/2000)