A receipt misplaced
And two useless books
Books of heresy
Books of a cult

A cult of lies
Serving the master of lies
The master of evil
The evil of manipulation

Weak arguments
Confining God in a box
Of what God can
And cannot do

God knows all
God can do all
Not bound by time
Not bound by space

Capable of establishing
His sacred scripture
His faithful humble
Servants who listen

Followers writing His words
Words of wisdom
Words of faith
Words of righteousness

The Gnostic claiming
He is not risen
He did not say
He is not God

Heretics, these Gnostics
Their own agenda
Their own ideas
Their own flawed wisdom

I listen to the wisdom
The wisdom of God Almighty
I follow the Will
The Will of God Almighty

God is able to do
To do immeasurably more
More than we can imagine
Beyond what we know

They lead astray
They confuse the believers
They shall have their reward
On the judgement day

(©Brian David Smith 2/17/2000)