Running to the Eastern Sea

To the Eastern Sea
What an ideal sound
To me
To comfort her
In this time of need

My one true friend
On the edge of the waves
Ready to jump
Ready to stay
But dance within the wave
Another day

The rains fall
Drenching to the bone
Feeding our thirst
Feeding our hearts
Washing our pasts
Washing our lives

We run to the East cliff
To see the sea below
And to think
For the name of love
She may have traveled that cliff
Not but a few days ago

She cries on the cliff
tears flowing to the sea
A sea to remain divided
By division of broken love
Her rain falls on me
soaking me to the bone

As we run from the East cliff
Hand in hand
My friend and I
We sit
I hold her in my arms
And - we cry

(©Brian David Smith 2/13/2000)