But Nothing Has Changed

Events have commenced
But nothing has changed
The righteous seek
But nothing has changed

I look to meet people
But they're all "too busy"
Waiting in public
But nothing has changed

I am cold
Warmth reflects
Others attempts
I am heartless
So it would seem
My inquiries
What's the point
I am nothing

They see me
They look away
I speak
They grow distant
Air stagnates
The wind dies cold
Head sunk low
I walk away

When will it change
Will something happen
When will they notice
That I am someone too
That I even exist
That I am not so strange

I reclude
From the despair
From rejection
I fall to my Savior
Into His arms
And I relax
In His grasp
For there is no change
In the Father's love for me

(©Brian David Smith 2/8/2000)