OK Or Bust

To stop the world
Only to visit a friend
A friend who cares
But is not near
To draw her close
Two who have been found

Names of regret
Regrets rearing rough
Washed away in red
Misery is denied
To prosper us
Is His desire

To leave all behind
To take a risk
To seek a friend
To see her face
To find comfort
In her tight embrace

Perhaps an only chance
Perhaps the only one
Perhaps happiness
Perhaps the right thing
Perhaps she's for me
Perhaps we will meet

Off to Oklahoma
A simple city boy
To relax in the city
Amongst the hectic crowds
To seek an occupation
Only found in the city

Too scared to look back
I must stand up
Stand up for future
Rejoicing in simple pleasure
Of a child's smile

For the past has fled
Judgement cast off
Mistakes, learned from
Caring for her charge
A blessed assignment
For a servant of God

(©Brian David Smith 1/31/2000)