Hiding Behind Indifference

Hiding behind indifference
An air of no care at all
What does it mean
Where does it go

Who gives a rip
Why should I care
Eyes drooping
It doesn't bother me.

They seek to know me
But know they never will
For strong are my defenses
They'll never let me down.

"Nice weather"
"Do I know you"
"See ya"
"Fine then"

I shan't open up
They'll only let me down
These walls they comfort
Though nothing they say at all

Fail - NO!
Fall down - NO!
Be the fool - NO!
Look stupid - NO!

The chances - too great
I'd rather hide
Hide in indifference
Though matter I to no one.

Let down the walls?
I'd fall.
Let people see me?
They'd wince

For now I'll stay where I am

No more chances
Shall I take
I'm happier for sure
In a vegetative state

(©Brian David Smith 1/24/2000)