Hope In The Loft

Miscellaneous station
In a miscellaneous town
Eighties to the nineties
No one listening

Campus café
The Catalyst Café
Dozen tables
Six or seven students

Relaxed passing of time,
Time of change
Drifting from the sea
Drifting from the hills

Drifting to our hearts
Bringing hope
Bringing peace
Bringing love

Hope is in the loft
Kindred mission
Mission of service
Mission of peace

Peace from above
Guiding my thoughts
Guiding my heart
Guiding my desires

LOVE, peculiar love,
Taunting my future
From the depths of my past,
A brick wall.

He is the Catalyst
Catalyst of hope
Catalyst of peace
Catalyst of love

"This Shall Not Be!"
The brick wall

I have no past
I have no mistakes
Wrongs erased
Future laid before me

Hope shall be rewarded
Rewarded by kindred love,
Peace pursuing,
Hands held with faith

Faith of sacrifice
Faith of kindness
Faith of communion together
Faith of love

The scream
Of my will
The peace
Of His Ways
Impatience of my soul

The smile
Of Hope
Beautiful face,
Gentle touch,
All encompassing,
Found among books,
Found in the loft

Walking with patience
Patience of experience
Of lessons learned
Of mistakes made

This time will be different
For Hope will be found
Found in the loft
Found for me.

Hope, I am waiting
Walk with me today
For Today is all we have
Before God sends us in the morn

Come with me
And share your heart
And please accept from mine
All I am.

(©Brian David Smith 1/17/2000)