I run to the mountains to call your name
I run to the sea for your voice
til I hear no more til my voice is gone
Why have you left me, oh Lord?

Where have You gone, leave me not alone
I need your presence Come lead me to my home
Oh -- to hear your voice

To my knees in desperation
Tears on my lips "Lord speak to me,"
My heart screams out in search of your name
I long for your touch oh Lord.
Come to me, oh come to me.

Then comes a voice, "I have always been,"
"Where'er you are, I AM," says He, to me
"Oh Listen for Me"


"You run to the mountains,
I am with you"
"You run to the seas,
I am there"
"You fall to your knees,
I am holding you close
Listen for Me."

"You search for solutions,
The Answer has been cast,
The price has been paid in full
So go now to all the nations
And tell of the good news
Oh listen, my son, for Me."


"Run to the mountains
And listen
Run to the ocean
And call out to me
Fall to your knees
And pray"
"For I am with you"

("Listen for Me")

I run to the mountains and hear His heart
I run to the sea and hear His call
I cry out and hear His voice (again)
Oh, I run, and I listen
Oh, I run, and listen.


(©Brian David Smith 1999)