The following reference is some of the tags (commands) used in writing HTML (web pages). This is to get you started writing HTML the right way, by hand. Software often sticks in a lot of useless code that just takes up precious bandwidth (data transfer). I also encourage you to explore the <STYLE> tag (which I have not listed below). There is a lot one can do with it. Combined the right way, the tags on this page can create the webpage you want, for the most part.

Common HTML Tags
HTML CodesMeaningParameters
<HTML>Begin HTML Document 
<HEAD>Begin Head 
<TITLE>text</TITLE>Page Title 
</HEAD>End Head 
<BODY>Begin Bodybgcolor, background, link, vlink, marginwidth, link
</BODY>End Body 
</HTML>End HTML Document 
Text Format Tags 
<BIG>text</BIG>Large Font 
<SMALL>text</SMALL>Small Font 
Logical Font Styles 
<STRONG>text</STRONG>Strong Emphasis 
<DFN>text</DFN>Defining Instance 
<CODE>text</CODE>Program Code 
<SAMP>text</SAMP>Sample Text 
<KBD>text</KBD>To Be Typed By User 
<H1>text</H1>Header Text Sizesalign 
<DIV>paragraph</DIV>Without Spacingalign
<BR>Next Lineclear
<TABLE>Open Tableborder,align,bordercolor,cellpadding,cellspacing,width,nowrap
<CAPTION>text</CAPTION>Table Caption 
<TR>Open Table Row 
<TH>text</TH>Table Headeralign, valign, width, colspan, rowspan
<TD>text</TD>Table Dataalign, valign, width, colspan, rowspan
</TR>Close Table Row 
</TABLE>Close Table 
<OL>Organized Listtype, start
<UL>Unorganized Listtype
<LI>List Itemtype, start
</OL>Close Organized List 
</UL>Close Unorganized List 
<DL>Definition List 
<DT>term<DD>definitionDefinition List Tags 
</DL>Close Definition List 
<A>text/picAnchor (link)target, href, name, rel, rev, title
</A>Close Anchor (link) 
<IMG SRC="url">Imagealign, border, height, width, alt, hspace, vspace
<HR>Header Rulewidth, size, color, noshade

For even more HTML tags, visit's HTML reference page.

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